Annabel Latham

Title: Dr Annabel Latham
Qualifications: PhD, MSc, PGCAP, BSc(Hons)

Room E130
School of Computing, Mathematics & Digital Technology 
The Manchester Metropolitan University
John Dalton Building
Chester Street
M1 5GD

Telephone: +44 (0)161 247 1495
Email: a.latham (at)

I am a Senior Lecturer in the School of Computing, Mathematics and Digital Technology at MMU.

I am a Fellow of the HEA. I am a member of the BCS, the IEEE, the IEEE Women in Engineering Group and the IEEE Computational Intelligence Society.

I am a Vice-Chair of the IEEE UK & Ireland section Women in Engineering group. I am Chair of the IEEE CIS Education Multimedia subcommittee.

I am a 2017 committee member of the IEEE Women in Computational Intelligence subcommittee and the IEEE CIS Student Activities subcommittee.

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Past Project: Adaptive Conversational Intelligent Tutoring Systems

My doctoral research investigated whether it is possible for computer agents to behave in a socially-aware manner. I have developed a Conversational Intelligent Tutoring System called Oscar, which uses a conversational agent to engage in a one-to-one tutorial discussion. Oscar aims to personalise the tutorial by dynamically estimating an individual's learning style during the tutoring conversation, and then adapting the style of tutoring to suit the individual's learning style.

Oscar Conversational Intelligent Tutoring System
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Past project: A Conversational Expert System for Bullying and Harassment Policies

The project involved the development of a web-based expert system to support a Bullying and Harassment policy. A Bullying and Harassment policy was knowledge engineered into a knowledge tree representation, and a dynamic GUI developed to allow users to investigate their area of interest non-laterally.  A conversational agent was included to allow natural language questions to be asked.  The expert system was generalised so that other knowledge trees designed within specified restrictions could be 'plugged in' to the system.

Conversational Expert System

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