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Intelligent Systems Group

The Intelligent Systems Group was founded in 1991 by Zuhair Bandar and James O'Shea in the former Department of Computing at MMU. They have been involved, in various capacities, in AI Research and the computer industry for the last 25 years. The group has grown rapidly establishing a core of high quality academic members. It has also formed links with external academics and industrialists inside and outside of the UK. The group is currently led by Dr Keeley Crockett and Dr James O’Shea

Our mission is to conduct advanced research across a range of fields in the domain of Artificial Intelligence-based Systems, collaborate with other institutions both nationally and internationally and to transfer the results of our research to industry.

The group has established an international position on the strength of its research in the areas of Short Text Similarity Measures and Artificial Neural Networks, Machine Learning, Fuzzy Logic and Conversational Agents.

A list of current projects can be found here»

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