Research Interests, Research Projects and Collaborations

I. Research Interests

My research interests mainly focus on both fundamental and applied research in relation to:

The ultimate goal is to tackle societal challenges for sustainable future.  My current research activities for future sustainable society aim to provide intelligent ICT-based solutions for different application domains including food, health, energy, city planning, manufacturing, etc.

Current research roadmap for future sustainable society

II Research Projects (Selected)

  1. A Novel Automated Big-Data Driven Approach for Crop Disease Detection", funded by Agri-Tech China Network+ Proof-of-Concept  (NetwonFund/STFC), 2017  in collaboration with Institute of Remote Sensing and Digital Earth (RADI), Chinese Academy of Science (CAS). (my role: PI).
  2. GMP Operational Analaytics, funded by GMP (Greater Manchester Police), 2017-2019, in partnership with GMP. (my role: Co-PI).
  3. ImageinLife, funded by Horizon 2020- Marie Skłodowska-Curie  Innovative Training Networks, 2017-2020 ( my role:  Co-PI ).
  4. CityVerve- Internet of Things City Demonstrator, funded by Innovate UK, 2016-2018 ( my role:  Co-PI ).
  5. Development of a cloud-based environment (Platform-as-a-service)" for smart city initiatives,  funded by Innovate UK, 2015-2018 (my role: Lead Academic)
  6. "COPE--automatic diagnosis of crop diseases from images", Sustainability Society Network+ Award --RCUK Digital Economy  (My role: Principal Investigator, in collaboration with Fera). Software demonstrator
  7. "AGIEL--A Cloud Approach to Automatic Gene Expression Pattern Recognition and Annotation Over Large Scale Images ( My role: Principal Investigator, in collaboration with MRC, University of Edinburgh)
  8. "Automatic Detection of Features in Retinal Images to Improve Diagnosis of Eye Disease", funded by  RCUK/EPSRC:  Dorothy Hodgkin Postgraduate Award. 2011-1015  (My Role: Principal Investigator, in collaboration with the Industry partner---Optos). Software demonstrator
  9. Mathematical Understanding of Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes in Mouse Models, funded by TENOVIS SCOTLAND, 2011-2012  (My Role: Co-Investigator, in collaboration with University of Aberdeen)
  10. Incremental Learning for Web Spam Detection over Large Datasets, funded through Initiative innovation funds by Development Trust in University of Edinburgh,  2010-2011 (My role: Principal Investigator)
  11. ADMIRE (Advanced Data Mining and Integration Research for Europe), funded by EU-FP7, 2008-2011 (My Role: Senior Researcher)
  12. FireGrid Project, funded by TSB, 2006-2009 (My Role: Senior Research Associate)
  13. Nano-Cmos project, funded by EPSRC, 2007-2011 (My role: Senior Research Associate)
  14.  Performance Measurement and Management for  Two-Level Optimization of Networks and Peer-to-Peer Applications, funded by EPSRC, 2004-2006 (My role: Research Associate)
  15. Knowledge Management Platform for Software   Enterprises, funded by Ministry of Science &   Technology of the People’s Republic of China,   2002-2004.   (My role: Project Manager and Principal Researcher)
  16. The Metropolitan Network System Measurement of Shanghai E-Government, funded by Shanghai Municipal Government, 2002-2003 (My role: Project Manager and Co-investigator)
  17. National Standards for Software Engineering: Metrics and Evaluation of Software Quality, funded by Science & Technology Committee of Shanghai 2003-2004.(My role: Principal Researcher)
  18. Measurement and Evaluation of Shanghai Hospitalization Insurance Information System , funded by Wonders Group, 2002 (My role: Project Manager)
  19. Measurement and Evaluation of Shanghai Social Insurance Information System, funded by Wonders Group, 2002 (My role: Project Manager)
  20. Shanghai’s Internet Exchange Point Management, funded by Shanghai Municipal Government, 2000-2001(My role: Research Associate)
  21. Network Traffic Measurement, Analysis, Modelling and Simulation, funded by HUAWEI Co., Shenzhen, 2000 (My role: Research Assistant)

III Research Collaborations (Academia, Industry and others)


  1. Food and Environment Research Agency (Fera), UK
  2. MRC, Human Gene Unit, University of Edinburgh,UK
  3. School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh, UK
  4. Manchester Business School, University of Manchester, UK
  5. The University of Strathclyde, UK
  6. Heriot-Watt University, UK
  7. Loughborough university
  8. University of Kent, UK
  9. Building Environment Analysis Unit, School of Architecture University of Sheffield, UK
  10. The Glasgow School of Art, University of Glasgow, UK
  11. School of Biological Science, University of Aberdeen, UK
  12. University of Melbourne, Australia
  13. Beihang University, P.R. China
  14. FUDAN University, P.R.China
  15. East China University of Science and Technology, P.R.China
  16. MIT School of Telecom Management, Pune, India
  17. University of Coruna, Spain
  18. University Joseph Fourier-Chaire CNRS, France

Industry and others

  1. Optos, UK
  2. Fujisu, UK
  3. Zentek Forenisc LTD, UK
  4. Entelec Control system in Belgium
  5. Tyrrell Systems, UK.
  6. Manchester City Councils