Prof. Dr. Vladimir V. Rybakov

Professor (Chair) in Mathematical Logic and Computer Science, Manchester Metropolitan University, School of Computing, Mathematics and Digital Technologies; Manchester, M1 5GD, UK                                                                                                                  

RESEARCH INTERESTS:  Mathematical Logic with Emphases on Non Classical Logics:  Modal Logics, Temporal Logics, Constructive Logic, Logic in Knowledge Representation, Artificial Intelligence, Logic in Computer Science, Universal Algebra.

APPLICATIONS:  (i) mathematical models for human reasoning and their application to  Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Engineering,  (ii) construction of  algorithms to serve computation for verification correctness of information, its consistency and  security,  for web ontology, for derivation new knowledge from  known facts.

 FUNDUNG in UK:  EPSRC grant: Consequence Relations in Logics of AI : January 2009 January  2011, worth 304 K (one PI and one Research Assistant)


SELECTED PUBLICATIONS from 2001 until 2005:

SELECTED PUBLICATIONS from 1974 until 2001:

Book, Research Monograph,  Published - Elsevier, North-Holland, New-York, Amsterdam,  London, 1997 :;


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Teaching (since 2005):  Artificial Intelligence; Prolog Programming Language; Knowledge Based Systems

Degrees awarded:   Ph.. D in Mathematics, Novosibirsk University, Russia, 1979; Doctor of Science (Habilitation Degree) in Mathematical Logic from   Institute of   Mathematics, Acad. of Sci. of USSR,  Siberian  Branch, Novosibirsk, Russia,1987;  Full Professor, Chair in Algebra and Logic, Krasnoyarsk University, Russia, 1989 .

Current Address:  Office: E159; Department of Computing and Mathematics,
Manchester Metropolitan University, Chester Street, Manchester M1 5GD , United Kingdom
Phone: +44-0161-247-3337, E-Mail:;